Risk management

Professional risk management is an essential part of every successful business strategy, regardless of economic sector, industry and company size. We see risk management as an instrument for creating added value. Having a holistic overview of a company, for example in clinical risk management, allows for comprehensive risk analysis and risk assessment as well as the identification of potential cost optimisation aspects and an improved planning ability. As a long-term partner, we support companies and organisations with comprehensive, systematic risk management programmes that line up with their specific company risk philosophy.

Operational risk management

Risk management is becoming increasingly important for companies – not only because of formal requirements arising from legislation, corporate governance and other guidelines, but also due to economic factors more

Clinical risk management

Clinical risk management has long been an integral part of managing hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Often having a verifiable risk management system is a requirement in order to transfer risk as part of an organisation’s liability insurance scheme more

Supply chain risk management

One of the greatest commercial risks for many manufacturers and retail companies in addition to market fluctuations is financial losses resulting from a business interruption more

Cyber risk analysis

The rapid development of information and communication technology means that global networking is becoming increasingly more prevalent more

Internal control system/compliance

Efficient business processes that comply with formal and commercial stipulations are not just necessary from a business point of view, but are also frequently legally required more

Industry-specific risk management councils

Every industry has its own specific risks. To promote professional exchange amongst corporate risk managers on recent topics, general enquires and “best practice” solutions within their industry, Funk has brought the Automotive Supply Industry and Food Industry councils to life more