Wholesale and branch trade: risk management for a dynamic industry

Regardless of whether they are a small family-run company, a branch, established retailer or international wholesaler, and regardless of their business strategy and commercial success, all companies involved in trade are exposed to certain risks. Amongst other things, liability losses, financial losses due to business interruptions or damage to a vehicle fleet can have severe financial consequences if a company is not sufficiently protected against these risks.

The specific risks of the industry include the following and more:

  • Risk of fire for warehouses, distribution and logistics centres as well as office buildings (high concentration of fire loads in large warehouses)

  • Failure of warehouse and control systems, IT damage

  • Transport damage, loss of goods

  • Theft from the warehouse or during transport

  • Supply and trade agreements


Warehouse maintenance and transport are core risks of the trade industry

Trade is different from the service sector primarily when it comes to warehouse storage and transport. Increasing globalisation and the rapid development of online trade make these factors even more important: traders must provide an ever-growing range of goods as quickly and flexibly as possible. The consequences of this are, on the one hand, growing IT-controlled warehouses and logistics centres and on the other, an increasingly complex network of import and export routes by sea, land and air. The insurance market responds to this dynamic development with special cover concepts that are precisely tailored to the needs of companies working in trade. With a combination of industry knowledge and expertise in the international insurance market, Funk can recommend trade companies of all sizes optimal insurance solutions.

Essential for trade companies: Buildings/contents insurance and public liability

  • Public liability: covers the compensation claims of third parties arising from property damage and personal injury which was caused during the business activity

  • Buildings and contents insurance: covers damage to buildings as well as goods, stock and commercial equipment, e.g. due to fire, burglary, storms and flooding, and optionally including natural hazards

  • Transport insurance: covers potential damages during goods transport by the company itself or a third party, e.g. due to accident, theft, robbery, fire or explosion, including carrier’s liability insurance

  • Legal protection insurance: covers business-related legal disputes, e.g. compensation claims, contractual disputes, administrative offences, criminal matters, etc.

We analyse the individual risks of your company and recommend the right modules for an optimal insurance strategy that protects your company reliably from professional indemnity in liability claims and property damage.

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