Funk – competent partner for local authorities and public bodies

When calling for tenders for their insurance agreements, public procurement bodies must, on the one hand, observe the special provisions of European public procurement law and on the other, observe procurement conditions that meet budget law. For this reason cities, districts, local authorities and companies operating within the public sector such as public utility companies, frequently seek support from insurance brokers when it comes to calls for tenders and public procurement.

Funk supports local authorities and other public bodies as a powerful long-term adviser that is able to meet the budgetary needs and legal public procurement requirements of the client when assessing specific risks and the necessary scope of insurance and offer optimal protection.

Needs-oriented consulting in all insurance matters specific to public procurement

Funk has been providing public procurement-specific insurance services since the European Public Procurement Directives came into force. Our clients from the public sector benefit from comprehensive, needs-oriented advise in the procurement of insurance agreements which require a call for tenders, from the preparation stage to the award of the contract and conclusion of the agreement, and furthermore in all contractual and claims-related matters. This allows for the purchase of insurance solutions that are both risk-appropriate and cost-effective, even under the strict formal framework conditions set out by public procurement legislation.

Competent support from developing insurance solutions to managing contracts

We support local authorities and public bodies throughout the entire tender process. This includes a number of service elements from the following tender phases:

  • Development of insurance solutions

  • Preparation of the call for tenders

  • Public procurement documentation

  • Individual support during the public procurement process

  • Documentation of the tendered agreement

  • Procurement-relevant services in subsequent contract management

Thanks to close cooperation of our public procurement team, which consists of experienced fully qualified lawyers and insurance brokers, with the relevant representatives from the procurement bodies, we can implement the best possible insurance solutions on the market under careful observation of implications under public procurement law.

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