The ‘MyFunk’ client portal: all policies at a glance

Managing a company’s insurance coverage is a considerable responsibility – and one that grows more complex with every new department, product or site. Thanks to the client portal from Funk, you can keep track of your insurance programme at all times. MyFunk creates transparency, optimises insurance processes and can be flexibly tailored to reflect a variety of requirements.

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Straightforward design

The beauty of digital tools lies in their simplicity, clarity and efficiency. That’s why user-friendliness is at the heart of MyFunk. The dashboard on the home page puts the most important information at your fingertips, with a clear menu system guiding you straight to the desired section. What’s more, the design and functionality of the client portal are enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Smart insurance management

All your insurance programmes are listed within the client portal. You can filter them by company, country, site and line of insurance, allowing you to quickly find the required contractual information, such as details of premiums, excesses, insurers, extent of cover, clauses, scope of validity or companies included on the policy.

Convenient claims management

Claims management is a key component of the client portal, where you can view all open and closed claims at national level. You can also manage them online, including those below the excess if necessary. Contract-specific claims analysis is also an option, e.g. by cause or type. And best of all: you can conveniently file claims online thanks to specific forms for each line of insurance.

Customised data analysis

The client portal allows you to compile data in accordance with your needs – and we will help you configure the portal so that it’s right for you. You can, for instance, collate claim statistics by company, country, site and line of insurance.

Personalisation to reflect specific needs

MyFunk can be tailored precisely to your requirements. You can configure your profile and the portal settings yourself. You might, for instance, want to assign different rights to different employees. Other options include customer-specific reference numbers, claims forms and analysis. You can adjust many profile settings yourself – and we will be happy to make changes to the structure of the portal on request.

Direct communication

Thanks to MyFunk, you can transfer confidential information via an encrypted communication channel. This is secure, fast and works anywhere – all you need is an Internet connection. However, a digital tool can never be a substitute for the personal touch, which is why you will find your personal point of contact at Funk on the dashboard of your home page.


The client portal meets the very highest security standards. 256-bit TLS encryption, for example, enables secure data transfer. And your data will be stored on servers in Germany.

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