Independent professions

Members of independent professions are highly qualified specialists whose everyday work is shaped by complex matters and professional challenges. Trust in their specialist expertise is a major source of capital for lawyers, tax consultants and accountants, assessors, medical professionals and architects. Accordingly, consulting errors are a major risk in independent professions. Our specialists in professional indemnity solutions can advise you on your individual risk situation so your company values and your good reputation enjoy comprehensive protection even in the most serious of cases.

Legal and business consultancy professions

Legal and business consultancy professions face growing challenges. The legal environment in which lawyers, tax advisers, accountants and registered auditors, and insolvency administrators and notaries operate is becoming increasingly complex more


Many fields call for the knowledge of recognised experts, e.g. in a court of law. The work of these experts requires extensive qualifications and extreme care because every expert assessment or recommendation can have wide-reaching consequences. Just as great is the liability risk more


One of the main risks for architects is that building defects which can sometimes be impossible to calculate may occur because of faulty planning or incorrect monitoring. Incorrectly calculated building costs, contractual disputes with the construction clients and disputes over fees also count as classic risks for this professional group more