Trust is good, control is better – internal control systems increase the efficiency and compliance of your business processes

Efficient business processes that comply with formal and commercial stipulations are not just necessary from a business point of view, but are also frequently legally required. The experience and expertise of your employees are valuable resources in this respect, but they cannot be mapped out transparently or fully documented.

The systematic recording and control of internal company processes within an internal control system (ICS) helps prevent errors, to better control risks and structure business workflows to be more effective. This approach increases transparency and improves compliance within the company.


Methodical structure of practical risk management systems with RIMIKS

As an international insurance broker and risk consultant, Funk has guided companies from all industries in the development and implementation of tailored risk management systems for many years. As a risk consultancy, solution and software provider, Funk Consulting supports our clients in designing internal control systems and compliance management systems: 

  • We advise you in the structured recording of relevant actions and processes

  • We support you in the initial implementation of an ICS or

  • We refine your existing control systems.

As a component within our special risk management software, RIMIKS, the ICS module enables simple, practice-oriented and audit-compliant application with comprehensive functions for recording risks, controls and responsibilities.


Secure your business results with professional ICS and compliance management systems

Failure to comply with commercial and legal guidelines can have extensive consequences. In addition to loss of turnover, potential fines and costly procedures, your image reputation may be damaged and you may lose customers as a result. Secure efficient, transparent business processes by recording all risks and controls for ensuring proper processes in an internal control system and compliance management system – so you can keep an eye on all relevant risks and ensure the successful future of your company.

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