Health and social services

Risk and insurance management are naturally closely linked in the healthcare industry. In a restrictive insurance market that allows little leeway for flexible solutions, hospitals, care institutions and aid organisations benefit from a competent partner that knows the specific risks of the healthcare industry and can provide protection with a holistic strategy.


Hospitals are exposed to a number of different risks. The core risk of hospitals and the medical community usually lies in professional practice. The costs of losses resulting from professional errors have increased drastically in recent years more

Nursing and care homes

The need for care institutions is increasing in Germany on a continual basis due to demographic and societal changes. The wide range of responsibilities on the one hand and the legal requirements and controls on the other call for ever greater organisational and administrative expenses more

Aid organisations and social services

Aid organisations, social bodies and institutions, applied donation services and social services take on a number of demanding responsibilities that are associated with risk more


Every medical professional is exposed to significant liability risks and their consequences in their work: for example, an injured patient may claim for compensation whilst at the same time criminal proceedings may be ongoing more