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As one of the leading insurance brokers and risk consultants in Europe, we give companies and decision makers around the world the best recommendation when it comes to their security and employee benefit solutions.

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Via the Funk Alliance, our own network managed by Funk, and our 37 international offices, we enable our clients to act quickly, efficiently and without detours – worldwide.

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Stay up to date: In our blog, we keep you informed about the latest news from the fields of insurance management, risk management and employee benefits.


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Why Funk is the best recommendation

In our new image film, we show which values and services Funk stands for. Accompany a client during his visit with us and discover some of our experts! 

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New & traditional risks

The big picture at glance

We don't just see the tip of the iceberg, we think risks holistically. In the "Risk fields" section, we present new and traditional risks for companies in a clear and concise manner. 

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Funk’s international service

Close to clients around the world

With 37 international offices and our unique network “The Funk Alliance”, we are always where you need us – all over the world. Profit from our expertise in in all matters of insurance, risk and employee benefit management when conducting your international business.

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Insurance management

As leading insurance broker and risk consultant in Europe, Funk devises and implements comprehensive risk and insurance solutions for companies across all industries and sectors – while always taking the individual need of the client into account.

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Employee benefits

Employee benefits concepts are a sustainable component of a good corporate policy. Funk is your partner in all areas of employee benefits: We provide comprehensive, transparent advice with a view towards the long-term advantages for your company.

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Risk management

With Funk’s risk management concepts, you create genuine added value for your company. Our holistic overview of your personal risk situation allows not only for an extensive risk analysis and assessment, but also reveals chances and secures success potentials.

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The best recommendation. 

For more than 140 years, we have focussed our attention on what makes companies really valuable and worked with our clients to secure the future. As Germany’s largest independent family-run insurance broker and risk consultant, we are renowned experts for insurance solutions, risk management, asset assurance and pension solutions. We are a strong partner for companies, entrepreneurs and their objectives, not only because of our broad expertise in our business field but also because as a family-run company, we know exactly what counts when you want to protect your values for the future.

That makes us the best recommendation when it comes to the most important parts of your company strategy: assuring your values, managing risks and developing sustainable models for value-adding pension schemes. With more than 1,560 employees, we have comprehensive knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in almost all industries and markets – and we provide holistic advice and support for companies along the way to a secure future. And not just in Germany: as a European broker with 37 Funk offices and our own network of brokers, the Funk Alliance, we have more than 300 offices in over 100 countries so we are always where you need us.

The best recommendation put into practice

“In the introduction of a global risk management software, Funk completely fulfilled our expectations. The implementation was straightforward and very professional, and we had a direct contact person available at all times. Any problems could thus be solved quickly and flexibly. The software now enables us to work more closely with our subsidiaries - and has therefore demonstrably improved our processes.”

Tanja Mangold, Corporate Insurance and Risk Management Officer GEMÜ Group

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