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Risk management

Open data in practice

14.06.2018 - Download a free book chapter on the Funk Political Risk Map more

Insurance management

When a virus infects the entire hospital

26.04.2018 - Cyber attacks are increasing in hospitals and clinics. An analysis of individual cyber risks and comprehensive protection are therefore essential more


On the rise:

07.06.2018 - A Funk study looks at InsurTech firms in China. Book chapter available to download at the end of this article more

Employee benefits

In line with the times

20.04.2018 - Legislative changes and new provisions are changing the landscape for regulations concerning the workplace pension. That’s why it is all the more important for pension schemes to undergo regular reviews more


One Belt, One Road

28.02.2018 - The Silk Road once connected China to Europe and paved the way for valuable fabrics and spices. More than 2,000 years later, a new rendition of this ancient trade route is coming to life more

Medium-sized businesses

Terror risks

05.02.2018 - Acts of terror and politically motivated violence are increasing worldwide. What do German companies need to keep in mind to protect themselves? more