Funk risk management: risk consultancy and management with strategies

Risk management is becoming increasingly important for companies – not only because of formal requirements arising from legislation, corporate governance and other guidelines, but also due to economic factors. A targeted corporate risk management strategy secures economic success potential, improves the quality of planning and ultimately creates added company value.

Funk offers companies of all sizes and across all industries the support needed to develop an individual, systematic and comprehensive approach to risk management, creating a concept that incorporates the following elements:

  • Risk analysis: identification and assessment of risks

  • Risk aggregation and capital expenditure calculation

  • Risk management optimisation

  • Organisation of risk management systems and monitoring

  • Implementation of a modern IT support infrastructure

We help our clients to implement a comprehensive, IT-supported risk management system and to review existing risk management systems (risk audit). As a provider of bespoke risk management solutions we are there for our clients in all matters concerning extended risk management issues.


Strategy development and implementation of comprehensive risk management systems

In order to implement a risk management strategy successfully in your company, it needs to reflect the company’s mindset. Once applied, a continuous early warning system as part of the risk management system identifies and evaluates all relevant corporate risks, so that adequate action to control risk can be taken in time. Our clients benefit from a transparent risk management strategy that enables early crisis prevention and also offers cost optimisation potential through appropriate risk aggregation and insurance management. Companies that wish to implement their risk management system independently can take advantage of our flexible service in the form of coaching, seminars and workshops on specific themes.


Risk audits: increased cost efficiency through risk aggregation and insurance management

Risk transfer is an integrative part of any risk management approach. In many companies, however, risk and insurance management are not linked closely enough. As a result, they find themselves paying for over insurance or conclude the wrong insurance contract. In a risk audit, we review our clients’ existing risk management systems, reconcile these with their insurance management and provide recommendations as to how they can significantly reduce their total risk-related costs. With the help of our own software solution developed by Funk Consulting, we also offer our clients the option of simulating and comparing different risk transfer and acceptance strategies. As part of a ‘total cost of risk’ analysis we even take business management aspects into account. This approach enables our clients to make clear decisions about related to their own risk landscape.

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