Connected Risks Insights – A holistic approach

An increasingly turbulent crisis landscape threatens value creation: the new white paper from Funk Consulting GmbH shows important geopolitical developments in 2023 and connects these to risk fields that are especially relevant at this time. The white paper includes specific recommendations concerning connected risks for companies wishing to protect their assets.

We live in an age of multiple crises. Current crisis trends include:

  • Stabilised volatility: risks in 2023 spring from the crises from the previous year
  • US 2024 election as potential disrupter to stabilised volatility
  • Risk drivers: strong man regimes that concentrate political power in the hands of individual people where decision-making processes are not transparent (examples: China, Russia, Hungary)

Geopolitics is especially a risk driver and closely connected to the four risk fields of cyber security, geo-economics, political conflicts and regulation/compliance. Companies are facing extensive challenges and need new solutions and more resilient business processes.

The four risk fields especially relevant at this time

Focus on connecting new risks

The Connected Risks Insights white paper shows important geopolitical developments in 2023 and connects these to risk fields that are especially relevant at this time. This white paper starts with an initial analysis of current risks and then provides specific recommendations and measures for companies to employ in the risk fields, especially where ongoing challenges in supply chains are concerned. To put up greater resistance against these risks, it is crucial to understand the connections between risk fields. Funk Consulting investigates risks for value creation as well as business interruption scenarios and their implications. Thanks to comprehensive acquisition of knowledge from country-specific reporting, client surveys or research projects, for example, our teams are able to identify new risks as they develop and apply these to specific client situations in background analyses and country reports

The holistic Funk Connected Risks Approach

Funk Connected Risks Approach: anticipating future crises

We believe that it is crucial not only to analyse risks individually but also to consider how these risks are connected and what implications may arise. The Funk Connected Risks Approach is the result of this thought process. This approach offers lasting added value in that it allows for future crisis to be anticipated before they occur. Following this approach, our consultants set themselves to developing individual results and recommendations for our clients. Our experts are available to provide an individual analysis of risk fields and are also happy to answer other risk management questions.

You can download the white paper – including recommendations – free of charge here:

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