Insurance management

Well protected for the digital future

08.01.2019 - In the course of digitisation, machine construction is increasingly offering software-based services. To ensure comprehensive protection even for IT-related financial losses, liability cover should be extended. more

Three times the protection in one policy

17.10.2018 - Managers and staff members in healthcare institutions are exposed to a myriad of risks. The Funk VHPlus insurance scheme offers protection that is unique on the market. more

Made to put out fires

28.09.2018 - Although firms can insure against the consequences of a fire, coverage requirements are increasing. Sprinkler systems put companies in a good position  more

Practical example

22.08.2018 - An explosion at a Schill + Seilacher plant causes massive damage to property. But an even worse consequence is that production is shutdown – for years   more

Navigating a PR crisis

11.07.2018 - A bad image can be expensive. Values such as reliability, responsibility and trust are therefore particularly worthy of protection for companies  more

Protection for the boss

09.07.2018 - D&O insurance has become standard for companies. But that should not belie the fact that this cover is actually a special type of insurance more

When a virus infects the entire hospital

26.04.2018 - Cyber attacks are increasing in hospitals and clinics. An analysis of individual cyber risks and comprehensive protection are therefore essential  more

Disassembly and installation costs

29.01.2018 - With the German ‘Act for the Reform of the Construction Contract Law and for the Change of Liability for Commercial Liability’, significant changes to commercial liability came into force on 1 January 2018  more

Expect the unexpected

04.09.2017 - Whether it’s a milestone celebration, a rock festival or a port anniversary, every event costs money. And if that event suddenly has to be cancelled or interrupted, it’s not just frustrating but also puts the budget at risk  more

Good insulation is half the insurance

30.06.2017 - When it comes to fire control, insurers are increasingly looking for a holistic safety concept. That starts with the right insulating materials. more

Protected throughout the M&A process

31.05.2017 - Warranty and indemnity cover can offer peace of mind during a company acquisition or merger more

Market overview

03.05.2017 - Cyber insurance policies have recently been experiencing a major boom. What characterises this form of cover?   more


05.04.2017 - When it comes to selling industrial facilities, the relocation itself is not the only risk. For the buyer, the technical performance of the equipment at the new operating site is the most crucial consideration  more

Identifying risks and making informed decisions

08.08.2016 - Insolvency rescission is a cumbersome topic at first glance but is growing in importance for an increasing number of companies more

Insurance 4.0

24.05.2016 - Global industry stands at the precipice of a paradigm shift: from the classic value-added chain to connection of virtual and real production chains as part of the ‘Internet of Things’ more

E-learning in practice

01.06.2016 - E-learning is on the rise: around two-thirds of large companies and about half of all medium-sized companies use e-learning tools in practice to train their employees more efficiently more

Reliable protection against arbitrary action

10.01.2016 - International political relations are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Framework factors that are stable today may no longer apply tomorrow more

Real estate industry and insurers

20.06.2015 - For the first time ever, a comprehensive study has explored the correlation between insurers and real estate in claims management more