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Transparency in supply chain risks

In a world of connected supply chains, business interruptions can result in significant financial damages. The management should therefore be aware of the worst case and obtain protection with a business interruption insurance based on needs. The market for the corresponding insurances has hardened, creating additional challenges. more

Insurance cover for the Miniatur Wunderland

At the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, visitors each day go on a 1:87 scale trip around the world. The Funk Comfort Policy provides comprehensive protection for the model world in the Speicherstadt district of Hamburg – with all of its individual needs taken into account. more

Protecting M&A processes

Corporate mergers and acquisitions should not fall through because of risks that were unknown. Warranty & indemnity cover protects buyers and sellers from breaches of guarantee in the sales agreement.  more

Well protected for the digital future

In the course of digitisation, machine construction is increasingly offering software-based services. To ensure comprehensive protection even for IT-related financial losses, liability cover should be extended. more

Three times the protection in one policy

Managers and staff members in healthcare institutions are exposed to a myriad of risks. The Funk VHPlus insurance scheme offers protection that is unique on the market. more

Made to put out fires

Although firms can insure against the consequences of a fire, coverage requirements are increasing. Sprinkler systems put companies in a good position. more

Focus on political risks

In 2018, the Funk Foundation has published the series ‘Risk report – political risk scenarios’, which presents the political risks in 25 selected countries.



A glimpse into the future

IT experts assume that cyber attacks will primarily target the Internet of Things and production system controls in future, as a current industry study reveals. more

Optimising business interruption insurance

The market for industrial property and business interruption insurance is changing. For years the overall result has been negative, as the premiums taken in have not been sufficient to cover the high claims payouts. more

Practical example

An explosion at a Schill + Seilacher plant causes massive damage to property. But an even worse consequence is that production is shutdown – for years. more

Getting pension planning right

The Heubeck mortality tables have been updated in summer 2018. It is expected that companies will have to take these changes into account when they prepare for their next balance sheets. more

Tariffs, subventions, taxes

Trade policy measures like tariffs, subventions or taxes affect flows of goods. The consequences can be risky for companies. more

Stress test creates transparency

Statistics show that political risks have become one of the greatest risks that German companies fear. more

Navigating a PR crisis

A bad image can be expensive. Values such as reliability, responsibility and trust are therefore particularly worthy of protection for companies. more

Protection for the boss

D&O insurance has become standard for companies. But that should not belie the fact that this cover is actually a special type of insurance. more

A thoughtful and correct approach

Actuarial assessments are essential for a company’s balance information. Funk provides tailored actuarial services worldwide. more

New publication for download

Companies often struggle to insure political risks as the whole topic remains fuzzy to risk managers and decision makers. more

Open data in practice

Download a free book chapter on the Funk Political Risk Map. more

On the rise:

A Funk study looks at InsurTech firms in China. Book chapter available to download at the end of this article. more

Clear communication in day-to-day clinical work

If there is poor communication between doctors, nursing staff and therapists, the patient is often the one who suffers. Clear communication can therefore prevent life-threatening mistakes. more

When a virus infects the entire hospital

Cyber attacks are increasing in hospitals and clinics. An analysis of individual cyber risks and comprehensive protection are therefore essential. more

In line with the times

Legislative changes and new provisions are changing the landscape for regulations concerning the workplace pension. That’s why it is all the more important for pension schemes to undergo regular reviews. more

One Belt, One Road

The Silk Road once connected China to Europe and paved the way for valuable fabrics and spices. More than 2,000 years later, a new rendition of this ancient trade route is coming to life.  more

Champion fighter or glass jaw?

How well prepared are you for a crisis? Companies can now test their mettle with the resilience quick check. more

Hitting hackers with their own weapons

A company’s cyber risk and its IT security are closely associated. Now companies can use the advanced cyber risk analysis from Funk to identify the weaknesses in their IT landscape as well. more

Terror risks

Acts of terror and politically motivated violence are increasing worldwide. What do German companies need to keep in mind to protect themselves? more

Disassembly and installation costs

With the German ‘Act for the Reform of the Construction Contract Law and for the Change of Liability for Commercial Liability’, significant changes to commercial liability came into force on 1 January 2018.

Ensure your success

In the era of just-in-time production and delivery, robust supply chains are more important than ever for companies. But disruptions, such as natural disasters or geopolitical crises, are happening at an increasing rate worldwide. more

Expect the unexpected

Whether it’s a milestone celebration, a rock festival or a port anniversary, every event costs money. And if that event suddenly has to be cancelled or interrupted, it’s not just frustrating but also puts the budget at risk. more

Individual political risk exposure

Trouble is brewing in hot spots all over the world, and the effects of political change are stretching to companies, too. Businesses can analyse by the Funk political risk stress test. more

Changes with implications for companies

The expansion of the workplace pension is a central area of focus in German politics. They aim is to increase pension security and raise the pension level. more

Good insulation is half the insurance

When it comes to fire control, insurers are increasingly looking for a holistic safety concept. That starts with the right insulating materials. more

Strengthening your company’s defences

For companies, an interruption to operations is the worst-case scenario. With effective business continuity management you can respond quickly in the event of a crisis. more

Market overview

Cyber insurance policies have recently been experiencing a major boom. What characterises this form of cover? more


When it comes to selling industrial facilities, the relocation itself is not the only risk. For the buyer, the technical performance of the equipment at the new operating site is the most crucial consideration. more

Come out of isolation

Pretty much every company faces disruptions to their supply chain. Cooperative risk management can help, according to an ongoing study conducted by Jacobs University Bremen. more

Our recommendations

Open data in practice

14.06.2018 - Download a free book chapter on the Funk Political Risk Map. more

When a virus infects the entire hospital

26.04.2018 - Cyber attacks are increasing in hospitals and clinics. An analysis of individual cyber risks and comprehensive protection are therefore essential.  more

Focus on political risks

In 2018, the Funk Foundation has published the series ‘Risk report – political risk scenarios’, which presents the political risks in 25 selected countries. more