Our quality promise

Delivering our clients the best recommendation is a cornerstone of our company’s success and remains our constant and primary objective in every client interaction. We recognise our responsibility to our clients in this respect, because it’s about their values – and therefore their future – that need protecting. That is our challenge, and yet also the source of our motivation when it comes to individual risk solutions for our clients.

Active embodiment of our quality guidelines and our Funk management system which is based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 are the basis for delivering the quality we promise – and therefore a fixed, integral part of our organisation.

Quality level

As advocates for our clients in all work processes, we want to achieve a level of quality that meets the needs, interests and risk philosophy of our clients and observes all legal requirements and guidelines.

We incorporate our own ideas of quality into our work in order to continue to improve the expected quality level for the benefit of our clients. We want to be the best company in our industry in future as well, and impress the world in all of our activities with the quality we deliver.

Quality in client service

We make solving client problems the focus of our work, because our clients are central to our material existence. We provide the best advice possible for the client’s specific situation. We consider our client’s situation and their risks on an ongoing basis with expertise and special care, and also with sensitivity and discretion, so we can deliver quality right from the source. We present a risk programme that is tailored to the needs and requests of the client, that goes far beyond the market standard and that impresses the client with its quality and value for money. We implement this programme on our client’s behalf and in close cooperation with the client.

We constantly develop separate high-quality and innovative policy and terms and conditions programmes for different industries, even in the international realm, taking the interests of our client into account. We provide accompanying IT services that make it easier for our clients to manage their insurance policies and implement other risk management measures.

Our range of services will remain so comprehensive also in future that the needs of our clients in terms of risk consulting, risk cover and information can be met by us. This includes professional consultancy services for a fee for clients who do not want a full broker service from us.

We are close to our clients and available all the time thanks to our extensive network of offices. We execute client orders immediately and define the scope of insurance cover and the terms of conditions for insurers and clients with special care even for documentation.

Quality and marketing

We want to show our market partners the quality of our work and maintain a constant dialogue with them about their ideas of quality in order to incorporate these in our work. Our marketing statements to clients will be realistic and convincing, with lots of energy and creativity and implemented with quality that is assured through organisational strategies.

Selection and motivation of personnel

We take great care in selecting our managers and employees and strive to keep Funk’s quality as an employer at a high level. We promote the expert competence of all of Funk’s managers and employees, provide reasonable training and professional development opportunities both inside and outside Funk and encourage our employees’ and managers’ own quality-relevant training and qualification measures.

We promote and expect our managers and experts to pass on their knowledge to other employees. We encourage all quality-relevant communication, information and documentation in our company and with our market partners. We encourage teamwork especially when it comes to complex, cross-discipline, international and innovative services. Every team member will give one hundred per cent and take responsibility for the overall result, so that teamwork is efficient.

Quality and a positive culture of learning from mistakes

In the interest of the company, we encourage the disclosure of all mistakes, their correction, central collection and evaluation. We then develop new, more effective training concepts from this. We aim to avoid errors, but correcting mistakes remains a necessary individual step. Mistakes are part of daily life and present the best opportunities for learning. When it comes to delivering quality, they are extremely important.

Our employees evaluate their work with a critical eye and are constantly improving their work, including through regular continued training and higher qualification. We expect our employees to report any time where they feel overloaded with work or under excessive personal demand, before mistakes mount up and the quality level of our work and the entire work chain suffers.

Ensuring quality through organisational measures

We orientate our workflows around the internal client–supplier principle, in order to deliver and check quality effectively at every working stage with services where the workload is shared – thus increasing our obligation to one another.

We expect and promote the willingness of every single employee up to and including the management team to implement the company guidelines and quality guidelines as best as possible in practice and make these a key point of evaluating their activity and conduct. We encourage quality-relevant improvements in our work through suggestions and proposals from employees as part of an organised company feedback scheme.

As part of the organisational framework of our quality work, we maintain a comprehensive management system that constantly ensures that all quality-promoting and quality-maintaining guidelines are implemented, the detailed objectives and measures required for this are defined and that these are implemented in running operation. The management system is based on the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Corporate culture and employee conduct

We promote and expect fair, accountable and balanced management conduct from our directors and managers and expect them to be role models for their employees in line with our company guidelines.

We encourage cost-effective and cross-discipline thought and action amongst our employees and expect them to place the interests of the overall company ahead of the interests of their own departments. We promote the social competence of all managers and employees, in order to cultivate a working environment that is free of conflict and as motivating as possible.

We encourage everyone at Funk to play a positive role in promoting a fair, collegial and accountable management style and a good working environment, so that our work bring long-term joy. We expect everyone at Funk to resolve conflict by speaking with those involved directly in a factual, balanced, fair and respectful way. We recommend to everyone that they first examine their own role in the conflict and resolve that before expecting others to change their behaviour.