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Insurance management

Well protected for the digital future

08.01.2019 - In the course of digitisation, machine construction is increasingly offering software-based services. To ensure comprehensive protection even for IT-related financial losses, liability cover should be extended more

Insurance management

Made to put out fires

28.09.2018 - Although firms can insure against the consequences of a fire, coverage requirements are increasing. Sprinkler systems put companies in a good position more

Risk management

A glimpse into the future

03.09.2018 - IT experts assume that cyber attacks will primarily target the Internet of Things and production system controls in future, as a current industry study reveals more


The Funk Foundation sponsors risk reports

25.09.2018 - The Funk Foundation has published risk reports on a further nine countries, including Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom more

Employee benefits

Getting pension planning right

08.10.2018 - The Heubeck mortality tables have been updated in summer 2018. It is expected that companies will have to take these changes into account when they prepare for their next balance sheets more


A thoughtful and correct approach

06.07.2018 - Actuarial assessments are essential for a company’s balance information. Funk provides tailored actuarial services worldwide more

Medium-sized businesses

Terror risks

05.02.2018 - Acts of terror and politically motivated violence are increasing worldwide. What do German companies need to keep in mind to protect themselves? more