Innovative credit management: assuring company values, identifying opportunities

Uncertainty as to the ability and willingness of customers and trade partners to pay is a frequent trade barrier and can reduce a company’s profit opportunities significantly. Where a small number of customers make up a significant or unavoidably large share of a company’s customer portfolio, failure to make a payment can sometimes threaten a company’s very existence. To protect against these risks, there is a range of instruments with a variety of setups available.

Controlling risks is just as important as having protection, sometimes by addressing them in a targeted manner. Valuable information about a customer is always a prerequisite for making a conscious commercial decision – and large credit insurers around the world have the most extensive databases with company information and statements about their creditworthiness.

The market for instruments for protection and risk control has many layers and is not transparent, which makes it difficult for companies to optimise their credit management.


Funk Credit Broker: individual programmes for setting up your credit control

In Funk Credit Broker, you have access to specialists that can offer individual advice and support in all credit management matters:

First, we analyse the current situation and identify points that could be improved and/or problem areas.

Then we create transparency for you in terms of protection options. Our expertise allows us to incorporate solutions that insurers do not offer off-hand, i.e. without targeted negotiation. Our years of experience make us the best partner to rely on to design the terms and conditions points and negotiate an optimal solution for you.

In this phase and for the duration of your credit insurance agreement, we are available to you for in-house training. If practical, we coordinate joint meetings with your insurer such as face to face reviews of credit limit decisions and their backgrounds.

Credit insurance

  • Whole turnover credit insurance

  • International programmes

  • Credit insurance for capital goods

  • Individual cover

  • Top-up cover


Supplementary services

  • Collection of outstanding debts

  • Rating services

  • IT-based credit control

Credit management consulting

  • Reduction of uninsured losses of accounts receivable

  • Reduction of costs for protecting accounts receivable

  • Training for employees, e.g. contractual obligations, assurance of indemnity claim

Funk Credit


  • Unfair calling of bonds

  • Protection of political risks

  • ABS credit enhancement


  • ABS

  • Forfaiting

  • Reverse factoring


  • Tender bonds

  • Advance payment bonds

  • Performance bonds

  • Warranty bonds

  • Customs bonds  

  • Dismantling bonds for solar/wind power plants

Credit control

Credit insurance
Even at an international level, you can rely on competent, trustworthy support in all matters concerning credit management. We work with the global Astreos network, with credit specialists who can offer your subsidiaries and international offices on-site support in the national language.


Accounts receivable financing

  • Factoring

  • Forfaiting

  • Asset backed financing/ABS


Our tailored strategies for accounts receivable financing allow you to increase your financial leeway:

  • Room for growth

  • Release of securities

  • Reduction of bank dependency/compliance with covenants

  • Finance for seasonal peaks

  • Support in turn-around situations

  • Improvement of balance figures

Working capital management

  • Reverse factoring

  • Fine trading

We devise individual, bank-independent solutions which you can use to increase your financial leeway when working with suppliers and improve your balance figures.

We provide competent support in the procurement and optimisation of sureties, allowing you to concentrate fully on the successful implementation of your projects.

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