One step ahead with affinity solutions and special cover from Funk

Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, event organisers, financial institutes and players in many other economic sectors face specific risks that change or shift with the dynamic development of the industry in question. At the same time many industries are shaped by strong competition: companies are finding it necessary to rise above the competition either through innovation or extraordinary service.

Funk Affinity starts at the interface between these two facts. We offer our industrial clients insurance solutions that are not available in the industrial sectors and that create a significant competitive advantage for them in the form of added service value for their customers, be that with protection against special risks, annex cover for industry or business and member portals.

Protection against special risks

For the special cover needs of our clients in a wide range of industries, we offer specific special solutions such as:

  • Weather insurance

  • Event insurance

  • Cover for marketing activities

  • Bet and win insurance

  • Cover for film productions

  • Cover for sporting events

For desired cover that is not yet available on the German market, you can benefit from our international expertise. We will devise the right product for you and can incorporate risk carriers in England and the USA if required.

Annex cover for industrial companies

Wide areas of industry are shaped by strong pressure to innovate – and many industrial companies respond to this pressure by offering comprehensive insurance solutions for their products, for example, which provide added value for their customers. ‘Assistance’ services in connection with a product are also becoming increasingly popular. For example, a manufacturer of e-bikes will not only offer their products with an extended warranty and cover for the battery, but also with a mobility warranty that covers taxi and towing costs for the e-bike in the event of an accident. Satisfaction warranties which give customers the right to return a product within up to 90 days without having to provide a reason fall under this categories of special services.

Business and member portals

Every professional group has its own specific insurance requirements. For example, doctors in the accident field need an especially sensitive schedule of compensation or practice interruption insurance, if the practice owner falls ill and the practice has to be taken over by a substitute. A portal solution, like the one we offer our clients in a wide range of industries, combines online insurance products with competent advice from Funk customer advisers in the industry sectors. Our insurance portal solutions are available to:

  • Residential building cooperatives

  • Purchasing associations

  • Financial institutes

  • Real estate agents and estate caretakers

or their customers.

Portal solution for private insurance for holiday home owners

We provide individual portal solutions for holiday home owners via the platform, and a platform for caravan and mobile home owners is currently being implemented. In line with Funk’s well-known strides to innovate, we work continuously on adding new, innovative insurance solutions to our portals and adapting the portals to suit the future needs of our clients.

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