Classic personal insurance solutions

The insurance market offers a wide range of private insurance options. An insurance solution that is tailored to meet specific needs offers comprehensive protection and helps avoid unnecessary administrative expenses and an unclear insurance situation.

Funk Personal helps you determine your insurance requirements through targeted analysis and then assists in developing premium strategies for you:

  • Market research and selection of suitable insurers
    - Investigation of insurers’ financial power
    - Investigation of insurers’ capability
    - Price–performance ratio of the tariffs on offer
    - Handling of all aspects, from drawing up the agreement to claim adjustment

  • Advice, mediation and support in all private insurance classes

  • Market call for bids for special insurance solutions

As Germany’s largest independent insurance broker, we have extensive knowledge of the market and are in a strong position to negotiate with insurers. Our team comprises specialists in all insurance classes, allowing us to offer you an insurance solution that meets your specific needs. As a long-standing, competent partner, we regularly check your insurance cover and recommend adjustments so that you and your family are reliably protected at all times.

Whether you own or rent an apartment or house, household contents insurance covers furniture and fixtures, trimmings and linings, and household appliances, as well as books, cash and objects of value, camping and leisure goods, and equipment used for your profession. Just like personal liability insurance, household contents insurance is one of the essential insurance products for assuring your livelihood.

Valuable contents deserve special protection. With all risks cover, you are not only insured against burglary and break-ins, water damage, fire damage, storm/hail damage and glass breakage and natural hazard losses, but also against items being stolen, lost or simply misplaced.

Buildings insurance protects your home from incalculable perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, water damage, burst pipes, storm and hail damage, and natural hazards and therefore protects you from substantial financial risks. Glass breakage cover can optionally be included in your home and household contents insurance, providing insurance cover against the breakage of the glass in your home and furnishings.

According to the law, those who are negligent and careless and in doing so harm, injure/destroy or cause significant damage to a person or object must pay compensation for this – sometimes for the rest of their lives. For this reason, personal liability insurance is a fundamental part of assuring your livelihood. Funk calculates your personal liability for different areas of life, such as your profession and sport and leisure activities, and also takes into account other potential risks like being a pet owner.

Whether you own a home or rent it out, you can use property owner’s liability insurance to protect yourself from third-party claims arising from personal injury and property damage incurred in your home and on your property. Cover includes, for example, claims against the property owner when they forget to salt the path in front of the house in icy conditions and someone slips and injures themselves as a result.

Principal’s liability insurance protects against third-party claims arising from a private building project. The public liability insurance held by the construction company executing the project does not automatically cover the principal from third-party claims, and not in every case. For example, third-party claims against a principal may arise if the building site has not been properly secured and passers-by or those working on the site are injured as a result.

Pet liability insurance covers all third-party claims arising from the actions of your dog or horse – for example, if your dog breaks free from the lead and causes a road accident or injures another animal. In individual cases, other domestic animals may be included in the pet liability cover upon special agreement.

Vehicle liability insurance protects the policy holder, driver and registered keeper of the vehicle against both justified and unjustified liability claims involving the vehicle. Optional fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurance additionally covers anything that may occur when using the vehicle, such as damage, destruction or loss. Other optional components of a personalised vehicle insurance solution include motor passenger personal accident insurance, motorist's legal protection insurance and vehicle accident and breakdown cover.

Accident insurance compensates your financial losses in the event of disability and loss of earnings after an accident – regardless of whether the accident was the result of a third party’s actions or your own negligence. With accident insurance, you do not have to face financial hardship as a result of an accident.

Legal protection insurance covers your solicitor’s fees, court costs, enforcement costs and other expenses that you may be charged (such as the other party’s legal expenses) in general legal proceedings. With legal protection insurance, you can rely on expert advice and support if a dispute arises and protect your claims even in complex cases.

Unforeseen structural damage caused by flooding or storms as well as vandalism or construction errors can mean the end for a new build if the right protection is not in place. Contractors all risk insurance protects the principal from the financial impact of structural damage during renovation and restoration works and construction of new builds and ensures that the building project is completed. Covered damage includes glass breakage, damage caused by extraordinary natural disasters such as hurricanes, wind storms and flooding, and also theft of fixed installations and damage caused by negligence and vandalism.

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