Making working hours more flexible and control capacities more efficiently with working time accounts

It’s not just younger employees who would like to have flexible working hours that suit their individual needs. Working time account solutions are perfect for preparing for paid leave and allow you as an employer to use your personnel flexibly so you can optimally respond to market fluctuations. The employees contribute part of their ongoing salary, one-off payments or working time credits or remaining holiday time into a working time account. The credit built up in this way can be used for various leave purposes, such as sabbaticals, further training, early retirement, care of relatives, part-time work or extension of parental leave.

Funk provides comprehensive advice on the various different working time models available and takes on the following services for you:

  • Definition of your requirements and objective

  • Call for tenders and provider selection

  • Creation of working time account solution under consideration of employment law

  • Employee communication

As an experienced insurance broker and benefits specialist, we help you decide on the funding model and support you in the implementation and ongoing advice of your individual working time account solution.

Long-term professional support from your benefits experts

For you as an employer, a working time account not only gives you more leeway in controlling your operational processes, it also represents an important tool for employee retention. By facilitating flexible working hours models, you increase your appeal as an employer in a competitive job market and retain your key personnel. However, introducing a working time account brings with it a wide range of requirements. For example, aspects such as a value conservation guarantee, insolvency protection and the employer’s duty to provide information and maintain documentation must be considered. We are your reliable partner in all of these areas. We help you select the right provider and take all details into account – with long-term and also actuarial factors in mind. Our internal actuaries and IVS-tested experts support your company with comprehensive expertise and experience in the continuous inspection and assessment of legal and actuarial changes in terms of working time accounts, partial retirement models and more. Find out more about our wide range of actuarial services here. 


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