Comprehensive protection for executives and key personnel

Executives, managers and specialists are the fundamental pillars of your company. They know their market value and therefore make high demands on their own retirement and healthcare plans as well as cover for their families. The benefits provided to them under statutory schemes only represent basic cover for these groups.

With a comprehensive private provision, you offer your managers the option of complete security and simultaneously strengthen your employee retention and their company loyalty.

Private proctection customised for individuals and groups

We help your company with the comprehensive design and support of specific pension and benefit schemes for the different groups of people at management and seniority level. The focus is clearly on the individual protection requirements of the group in question. We also consider the risks to the company in this case and can draw up solutions in the area of keyman insurance. With this type of solution, we protect your company against the loss of top performers or implement benefit strategies with the aim of reducing the risk of losing these players.

Needs-based benefit advice for managers

Our wide-ranging services in the field of private cover comprise analysis and solution design, and also communication of the solutions to the employee groups and different consultancy services through long-standing specialised cooperative partners:

  • Individual need analysis and benefits consultancy, taking all personal, legal/professional and company benefits schemes into account

  • Call for tenders, design and negotiation of framework agreements with insurance companies and product providers or special service providers

  • Keyman insurance including kidnap and ransom insurance

  • Health checks and medical advice for company directors and managers through specialised cooperative partners

  • Informational events on specific topics concerning private provision

For the purposes of finding a tailored, comprehensive solution, we provide advice on private full-cover insurance and on options for obtaining supplemental private cover to the statutory health insurance. We take into account aspects such as income protection in the event of illness (sickness daily allowance once continued pay has expired) and cover for care, amongst other topics. As an experienced benefits specialist with a focus on international companies, we can also consider your international requirements – our team can provide competent advice and support in terms of finding tailored international solutions.

Flexible protection against private risks: private provision for top performers

In particular, highly qualified top performers with salaries above the social security contribution ceiling have increased financial needs and therefore require higher private provision. If these employees rely solely on statutory systems, they face gaps in different areas, such as:

  • Old-age pension

  • Early retirement

  • Inability to work

  • Health and care insurance

Funk´s private solutions are specially developed for top performers seeking comprehensive cover that is independent from future professional and personal life events. We consider all of the components of private and professional protection requirements as well as your existing pension strategies in order to offer you a tailored, individual scheme for building and maintaining your assets in every life situation. With this approach, you will always find the best solutionfor your specific needs.

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