Adverse Sustainability Impacts Statement

Within the scope of our selection of insurance companies and insurance products, we take the information provided by the insurers into account.

Insurers, that recognizably do not incorporate a strategy to include sustainability risks into their investment decisions are, if applicable, not offered to clients. Within the scope of individual consultation tailored to the client’s interests, we separately present if we recognize that the consideration of sustainability risks during the investment decision could lead to recognizable advantages or disadvantages for the individual client.

The insurer informs about the consideration of sustainability risks during investment decisions with their pre-contractual information. 

The client is welcome to ask us any questions prior to the completion of a transaction.

Within the scope of the consultation, the most important adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors of the financial market participants (insurers) are considered. The consideration takes place on the basis of the information provided by the insurance company. The broker is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

Currently, on account of information still being established and possible rudimentary information provided by insurers about their company, considerations can only take place conditionally.

The compensation for the brokerage of insurances is not based on the sustainability risks, that are accompanied by the investment. Particularly, this means that the product’s level of remuneration is not positively or negatively influenced by the sustainability risks of the investment.