Liability insurance for companies: rely on the experts

The potential liability of companies varies depending on the industry, clientèle or even export activities. Chemical or pharmaceutical companies are naturally exposed to different risks than machine and plant manufacturers, which in turn have a liability risk that only compares to that of a construction company to a limited extent. Nevertheless, the essential importance of liability insurance is something that all companies have in common: even small mistakes can lead to severe losses.

Funk offers companies across all industries reliable protection against their specific liability risks.
With years of experience and expert knowledge, we give our clients the necessary market insight to choose the best liability insurance for them.


Competent partner for risk analysis and insurance management

In addition to the general liability risk associated with a company’s specific industry, we always pay special attention to the company’s individual risk as well. Tailored protection is only possible if the specific risks of a company are calculated, analysed and then included in an insurance solution accordingly. The experienced specialists from Funk conduct targeted risk analyses for companies from all industries and devise the appropriate national or international insurance solution for them. Companies operating internationally, which may be subject to special liability regulations in foreign markets, can benefit from our global expertise within the Funk Alliance. We also support our clients with further approaches to developing practical risk management systems.


Nothing ‘off the rack’: individual strategies and flexible solutions

Funk devises bespoke solutions in classic liability lines:

  • Public and products liability insurance
  • Environmental liability insurance
  • Environmental damage insurance
  • Product recall insurance 


We also incorporate special cover for our clients based on their insurance requirements, such as clinical trials insurance, German Pharmaceuticals Act (AMG) cover, aircraft products liability insurance and IT liability insurance. Whether a liability solution is ‘classic’ or completely individual, we check all of the liability programmes under our care on a regular basis. This approach ensures that our clients can respond adequately to changing liability risks, for example those arising from going into new business fields, founding new companies or entering new markets.

We support our clients with the highest level of expertise even in the event of a claim. Our claims team comprises fully qualified lawyers with years of experience in handling major claims, even in the range of tens of millions of euros. We are your reliable partner every step of the way in negotiations with insurers and claimants.

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The Gesetz zur Reform des Bauvertragsrechts und zur Änderung der kaufrechtlichen Mängelhaftung (German act for the reform of the construction contract law and for the change of liability for commercial liability) came into force on 1 January 2018. It increases protection for buyers, but suppliers are now in a weaker position.

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