Political risks – a hot topic

Globalisation connects companies today with partners and clients all over the world. This brings with it new challenges, because political developments can have a direct impact on business success.

When it comes to political risks, many think first of war and terrorism. But risks brought on by a government’s economic ambitions or changed legislation are also a factor. In addition to tariffs, contingents and subventions, domestic economic measures such as product standards or taxes can become political risks for companies with offices or clients abroad. Companies with a strong international orientation in particular should determine how much influence global political risks have on their value-adding process and revenues.

Funk helps companies with a range of services. Experts from the specialist areas of property and credit insurance work hand in hand with the Business Development team to provide clients with optimal support. Clients can identify their individual risks with a stress test and a dynamic risk map. The Funk Foundation also finances academic publications that shine a light on the risk situation in selected countries.

Articles about political risks

Consequence of the Ukraine war

Russia has opened the war on Ukraine. In addition to the humanitarian catastrophe that is affecting people around the world, the war of aggression also has consequences for the economy and its insurance coverage. We provide an initial overview.

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Targeted risk analysis

International political relations are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Framework factors that are stable today may no longer apply tomorrow. Through targeted risk analysis, you can better calculate the risk to your international business relations.

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Funk political risk map

Protectionism, changes to regulatory frameworks, economic sanctions: businesses can find out how high their individual political risk is with the Funk political risk stress test and the dynamic Funk political risk map.

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Identifying terror risks

Acts of terror and politically motivated violence are increasing worldwide. Companies are not just affected when terrorism strikes right at their headquarters. After all, operations rely on smooth flows in the supply chain.

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Ukraine war: What to keep in mind in the insurance sectors

Following the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, the West is reacting with economic sanctions. We provide an overview of the effects on insurance coverage, sorted by line of business.

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Risk reports for 25 countries

The Funk Foundation has published a series entitled "Risk report – political risk scenarios", in which the political risks in 25 selected countries are highlighted. Each approximately 30-page report shows which changes threaten German companies abroad.

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Global credit insurance

International coordination of credit insurance cover has gained enormous importance. The reason for this is primarily that flows of goods are being increasingly globalised. And globalised trade requires trust in the solvency of the customer.

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Funk International

As a global partner, Funk combines the advantages of a leading international broker and risk manager with the mobility and assertive power of its global network, the Funk Alliance. Like that, clients can act swiftly and efficiently.

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Trade policy as a risk factor

Trade policy measures like tariffs, subventions or taxes affect flows of goods. The consequences can be risky for companies. Effective risk management is all the more important in light of the fact that insurance solutions only exist to a limited extent here.

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Political risk stress test

Statistics show that political risks have become one of the greatest risks that German companies fear. With the Funk political risk stress test, companies can get an overview of potential risks and prepare for them accordingly.

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Handbook on political risks

The Handbook of Political Risk Insurance is published by the Institute of Insurance and Economics at the University of St. Gallen. The Funk Foundation helped finance the publication and provides it to interested parties for download free of charge.

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