M & A deals: guaranteed success or risk factor?

The M & A market is booming: in a constantly changing market environment, transactions are the key to the success and future viability of companies – but they also come with many risks. With the right cover, buyers and sellers can protect themselves and guide the transaction to the desired successful outcome.

M & A transactions pose a challenge to everyone involved. Negotiations concerning guarantee and liability indemnities often test one’s patience, and post-transaction disputes are becoming ever more common. As a result, the seller is forced to pay back part of the money received, while the buyer has to deal with costly escrow solutions. Identified but uncertain risks with high financial implications and legal defects in properties or portfolios can also become deal-breakers in transactions.

Funk M&A Services is your expert partner in all transaction phases, from the professional insurance due diligence to the support for the acquisition target. Whether warranty and indemnity, contingent risk or title insurance, our experts get your company tailored cover in just a few days and help dissipate the tension between the buyer and seller. Learn more here about our comprehensive M & A services.

Articles about M & A risks

Transaction risks at a glance

Forward-thinking, comprehensive insurance and risk management is of crucial importance in M & A transactions. With Funk, you can optimally exploit the opportunities of the transaction market.

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Brochure on M & A services

Our brochure provides you with a compact overview of the services offered by Funk M&A Services. It focuses on warranty and indemnity, contingent risk and title insurance solutions.

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Why W&I insurance is such a good idea for Chinese investors

W&I insurances are becoming more and more popular, as they allow both buyers and sellers to avoid the risks associated with company transactions. 

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Warranty and indemnity

Mergers and acquisitions of companies should not fail because of unknown risks. Warranty and indemnity cover protects buyers and sellers from breaches of guarantee and financial losses.

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