Cyber incidents – the underestimated risk

In the digitised world, cyber attacks today can have serious consequences. IT alone cannot overcome these growing challenges. Companies should therefore consider the matter holistically and act accordingly.

Hackers just have to find one small vulnerability in a system – and virtually every company has one – or trick one employee. Then they already have access to external computers and can steal data and infect networks. Once the IT is paralysed, the machines themselves quickly shut down, too. The damages of cyber attacks are enormous and can even become an existential threat. And it’s not necessarily criminal acts that can cause damage – more frequently it is technical problems or a company’s own employees that put the company at risk.

Read on to find out where cyber risks are hiding and how you can equip your company to face these new challenges. You can identify vulnerabilities in your company with the cyber risk analysis or a pen test. Different types of insurance cover can be combined based on your risk situation. Our experts from risk and insurance management will be happy to advise you on the details.

Articles about cyber risks

Funk cyber damage overview 2019

We’ve reviewed current studies and claim statistics for you: using specific figures, learn how extensive cyber risks are currently and what industries are most affected.

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Expertise for global players

Cyber damages know no limits and can create an unpleasant situation abroad. With Funk, you get comprehensive international protection.

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Dual cover for your risk

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because each industry has its own particular IT risks. Companies should find ways, based on their individual risk situation, to combine two forms of cover in a sensible way: cyber insurance and fidelity insurance.

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Identifying vulnerabilities

Companies can only counteract cyber risks effectively with holistic risk management. Footprinting and pen tests reveal vulnerabilities and offer an approach to insurance management.

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Cyber in 2019

How long can your company function without IT? In today’s digital world, cyber damage can quickly become an existential threat. What are the risks in the cyber world, and how can companies arm themselves against attack?

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The scam with the fake boss

Companies are increasingly falling victim to the so-called ‘CEO fraud’, also known as the ‘fake president fraud’. The basic idea is similar to the well-known ‘long-lost relative trick’.

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Funk CyberSecure

Cyber risks threaten the economy. With Funk CyberSecure, Funk offers an exclusive customisable insurance solution. We provide an overview of the services and insured risks included.

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Cyber risk analysis

In our digitised world, a cyber incident can quickly paralyse an entire company. Individual vulnerabilities can be identified in a workshop. A cyber risk analysis will reveal all.

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IT security in 2025

What will IT security look like in the year 2025? A current industry study shines a light on how well-prepared companies currently are for cyber risks and what cyber attacks will focus on in future.

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Funk CyberProfessional

Smaller companies and freelancers often wrongly assume that they are safe from hackers. But even they can benefit from cyber insurance. Funk CyberProfessional is the right choice for small businesses.

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Cyber protection for hospitals

Patient data is worth more than credit-card information. This is just one reason why hospitals and clinics become targets for criminal hackers.

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Prominent claims

Global enterprises, SMEs or private individuals – no one is immune from cyber attacks. Sometimes, even just a simple typo can lead to computer chaos. Let us show you prominent cyber incidents from the past three years.

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