On equal footing: VZP and Funk as strong partners for the paper industry

Paper is a valuable material that helps shape the communication in all areas of our society. Manufacturing and processing paper by today’s standards requires expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. Likewise, developing adequate risk and insurance solutions for this complex industry requires expert competency at the highest level.

The Pulp and Paper insurance team (VZP) has been operating for over 50 years as an independent specialist insurance body that is specifically oriented towards the needs of the paper industry. Together with Funk, VZP offers its clients the solutions and services of the largest family-run, independent insurance broker and risk consultant in Germany, whether it be for insurance management, pension schemes or risk management. For VZP clients, this means twice the expertise when it comes to security for companies in the paper sector.

Targeted risk management for paper manufacturers and wholesalers

The paper industry is marked by large, complex systems for paper production, processing and finishing. An interruption to business, for example because of damage to machinery, may result in significant losses in turnover if delivery deadlines cannot be met. Another core risk of the paper and pulp industry is fire damage. Traders and manufacturers not only need comprehensive fire insurance that covers all eventualities typical of the industry, but also a reliable assessment of the potential risks and the fire protection measures derived from this for their business. VZP analyses the company-specific risks of paper manufacturers, printers and paper wholesalers, checks existing cover strategies regularly and recommends new cover options in line with current market developments.

Tailored to your needs: insurance strategies for the paper industry

VZP has worked closely with the paper sector for decades and operates on equal footing with these companies. VZP offers individual insurance programmes that are precisely tailored to the needs of each individual client and that help secure the future of the material that goes back hundreds of years.

VZP - Versicherungsstelle Zellstoff und Papier GmbH


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