Comprehensive protection of goods transports: insurance strategies for the logistics industry

Goods transport on water, on land and in the air is an essential part of global commerce. As globalisation progresses, logistics is becoming increasingly important and increasingly complex. Shipping companies, port operators and forwarding agents are responsible for the organisation, the prompt processing and the safety of the transported goods over the entire transport route. If a load is lost or damaged because of an accident, it is not just the reputation but also quickly the existence of a transport company that comes under threat.

Funk has worked closely with the transport industry since its founding over 140 years ago and is very familiar with the insurance of specific transport risks. We have grown up with the industry and today have a wealth of experience both in logistics and in industrial insurance. As a result, we can reliably identify the specific risks of your company, advise you of your options and devise a strategy that offers comprehensive protection of all areas of your activity.

The transport company accepts liability: tailored carrier’s liability insurance

Carrier’s liability insurance is the focus of every insurance solution for the logistics providers. It covers both damage to goods, e.g. due to loss or damage during transport, as well as professional indemnity, e.g. due to failure to meet a delivery deadline, organisational errors or misconduct on the part of employees. In addition to carrier’s liability insurance we offer logistics companies the following:

  • Liability insurance for heavy cargo contractors

  • Shipper’s liability insurance

  • Insurance for ports and terminals

  • Marine hull insurance


Your partner in the most serious of cases: professional claims management with Funk

Regardless of whether an accident, human mistake or conscious misconduct on the part of your employees has occurred, when a claim happens there is usually a string of unpleasant events that follow. Ongoing operations are disrupted, customers may stray to competitors and the administrative expense of claims management are additional burdens. With our claims management we are your reliable partner in the event of a claim. We are on site when needed, commission assessors and experts as required and dedicate ourselves to quick and professional claims processing, so you can concentrate on ongoing operations in order to limit the long-term effects of a claim.

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