Heavy industry: flexible risk solutions for a future-oriented sector

As one of the most important industrial sectors of the global economy, heavy industry is shaped by dynamic developments in different areas. The high industry-specific energy requirements and increasing globalisation come with significant fluctuations in price. At the same time – and as a result of globalisation but also because of stricter environmental requirements – the pressure to innovate is also growing for foundries and workshops. Not least there are complicated mutual dependencies with various other industries such as the automotive industry, the consumer goods industry and the construction sector.

To overcome these challenges, companies need a partner that knows exactly what type of risks the industry faces, that can identify complex global interrelations and that can offer a tailored risk solution as an answer to this. Funk has been advising and supporting companies from a wide range of industrial sectors for many years in all matters concerning risk and insurance management. We help you reliably master the challenges of your dynamic industry not only in your day-to-day business but also with a view towards the future.

Property damage and business interruption – core risks of heavy industry

In light of the high investment volumes in the steel and metallurgy industry, business interruptions and failures are amongst the core risks of the industry. Accidents or defects in the plants have enormous potential losses, for example from damage to the ovens or the emission of molten masses. At the same time an accident usually leads to massive disruption to operations. The complex international supply chains are interrupted, meaning that the consequential damages of an accident can have serious effects.

Insurance management and risk consulting at a global level

We protect our clients with flexible programmes that offer comprehensive cover against their specific risks. Our services for heavy industry include the following and much more:

  • Property damage as part of all risk cover

  • Business interruption insurance

  • Public liability and general liability

  • Machine insurance

  • Environmental liability

  • Transport insurance

  • D & O insurance

As a long-term strategic partner, we not only support our clients in insurance and claims management, but also as a risk consultant with a holistic view of the company development.

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