Protected in any discipline: insurance cover for sports associations

Whether it is golf, football or tennis, clubs for various individual sports band together in associations which are then responsible for the sport discipline in question. They announce championships, oversee the observance of rules and regulations and maintain record lists.

Their wide reach makes it all the more important to provide comprehensive protection for the involvement of the association’s members, employees and the organisation itself. As the largest independent family-run insurance broker and risk consultant in Germany, Funk has years of experience and expert knowledge in devising individual insurance solutions for sports associations.


Funk – insurance broker of the German Golf Association for many years

Funk has helped the German Golf Association (DGV) with its insurance cover in a successful partnership since 2004. Its insurance programme ranges from liability cover for members and protection for organisational units to pension schemes for employees and members. Funk is also working with the DGV to develop individual insurance solutions for the Association’s golf clubs and facilities. 

While they practise their sport, members of the golf clubs and facilities affiliated with the DGV are covered by the liability protection insurance provided through the Association. The insurance scheme takes into account the specific risks involved in the game of golf, ensuring that golfers have comprehensive cover while they play, regardless of the recommended personal liability insurance they may have in place. If there is no other insurance cover, the insurer takes on the role of the risk carrier under the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) for Liability and the GDV’s policy. Claims must be reported to the individual customer advisor at Funk.

Damages caused by landslides, wild animals or unfortunate golf ball landings are risks that not only affect commercial success but can even threaten the existence of a golf club and facility operator in the worst-case scenario. That’s why Funk has come up with a policy that is precisely tailored to the needs of club operators and operating companies. You can choose from an extensive range of insurance modules and freely combine them to get the right cover to meet your individual needs. 

Funk bundles these selections in a single insurance package for comprehensive cover ranging from protection against property risks, technical risks and liability to protection against the risks of additional costs in the event of interruptions to operations. And if a claim does need to be submitted, Funk is ready to help with comprehensive support and guidance.

The Funk insurance programme for golf clubs and golf facility operating companies includes professional indemnity insurance which also includes D&O insurance to protect the organisational units themselves.

If a golf ball causes damage, the golfer themselves is held liable in principle. But often errant golf balls come in from a distance and cannot be traced back to the individual player who hit them. In this case members of the DGV can protect themselves by signing on to the framework agreement for additional liability insurance. 

Operators of golf facilities and clubs are naturally employers, constantly seeking ideal employees for their establishments. You can increase your appeal as an employer with additional services such as a company pension scheme, company health insurance or work disability cover.

Funk can create an individual scheme for members of the DGV and help implement the programme and communicate the company benefits to employees. 

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