Special insurance solutions for the needs of art dealers and collectors

For many, collecting art is a passion that goes far beyond the material value of the objects. Owning art and establishing a collection brings joy and a sense of responsibility for unique and valuable works of art. At the same time, art is a cultural treasure safeguarded in museums and foundations and made available to the public. Many companies establish their own collections. Art is also becoming increasingly popular as a capital investment.

Funk Fine Arts is there for private collectors, companies with art collections, museums, and also galleries, art dealers and restorers as a competent partner in art insurance, with comprehensive advice and individual insurance solutions.

Art expertise and industry experience for needs-based protection

Works of art are exposed to a wide range of risks and require special protection. In addition to classic risks such as fire, flooding or burglary and theft, risks such as vandalism, simple damage and misplacement must be considered. Proper transport, the correct packaging and appropriate storage of art are also important aspects that influence matters such as increasing value, conservation and restoration of art objects. Security and damage prevention are key when it comes to art, so that you can safeguard your valuable objects and enjoy your passion for a long time to come.
Funk Fine Arts not only offers tailored insurance solutions, but also provides individual support through active, professional risk management.

Comprehensive support from a single source: services from Funk Fine Arts

In-house art expertise, well-founded industry experience and an international network in the areas of insurance, art and law are the basis of all of our concepts. Funk Fine Arts also supports you with a wide range of services:

  • Support in determining value and re-assessing art

  • Comprehensive art history consultancy

  • Guidance in matters of security and damage prevention

  • Connection with internationally recognised restoration and conservation experts

  • Professional claims management


More than art insurance: complete protection for private clients

Beyond its specialised art insurance, Funk Fine Arts offers private clients the option of protecting their art and objects of collection, high-value possessions, jewellery and objects of value as well as their privately used residence in one single policy with comprehensive all risk strategies.
Benefit from immeasurable added value:

  • Protection against all risks

  • Individual and international cover concepts

  • ‘All-in-one policy’ for your mobile and stationary assets

  • Professional support in the event of a claim

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