Great art in small format

At the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, visitors each day go on a 1:87 scale trip around the world. The Funk Comfort Policy provides comprehensive protection for the model world in the Speicherstadt district of Hamburg – with all of its individual needs taken into account.

It’s a small world after all“ – dem Time-Magazin zufolge gehören diese Zeilen zu einem der meistgespielten Lieder der Welt. Bekannt vorkommen dürften sie vielen aus dem Disneyland. Dabei passen sie eigentlich viel besser zu einem echten norddeutschen Original, das selbst so manchen Rekord vorzuweisen hat: dem Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg.

‘It’s a small world after all’ – Time Magazine reports that this little ditty is one of the songs most played in the world. Many likely recognise it from Disneyland. But it actually fits a true northern German original better, which itself has set a few records: the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. In 2017, this great work of art in small format was deemed the most popular attraction in the nation according to a survey conducted by the German National Tourist Board, beating even Europa Park and Neuschwanstein Castle. The visitor numbers alone make it clear: 1.4 million people go to the Speicherstadt district each year to experience the small world created by brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun. 


Handmade success

In addition to the largest model railway in the world, the Miniatur Wunderland has plenty of other highlights too offer. Where else can visitors see Las Vegas  and track the gondolas of Venice in the same day? Visitors are invited to discover a total of nine model layouts showing both real-life cities as well as the fictional town of Knuffingen including an airport. The model world has come into being as the result of painstakingly detailed work – 795,000 hours went into creating the exhibition as it currently stands. The buildings and residents of the ‘wonderland’ countries were built and painted by hand, the cables were laid by hand and the LEDs for lighting the streets were individually put into place. Something made with such a passion for detail needs tailored insurance cover that meets the special needs of the creative founders. The most important point of contact in all matters of risk for the last ten years has been Jörg Granitzki from Funk. ‘The Miniatur Wunderland uses the Funk Comfort Policy, an insurance model developed by Funk itself,’ the Hamburg-based client advisor reports. The multi-line cover combines the most relevant risks from different insurance classes into a single policy.

Dieser Bereich zählt zum grundlegenden Schutz für Unternehmen. Die flexible Police sichert hier Schäden an Gebäuden, der technischen und kaufmännischen Einrichtung, an Vorräten und weiteren Positionen ab. Zudem deckt sie entgangenen Gewinn und weiterlaufende Kosten.

Nicht nur das Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, auch viele Industriezweige sind abhängig vom Betrieb komplexer technischer Anlagen oder Geräte. Mit der Funk Komfort Police inklusive Beratung und Betreuung werden Elektronik und Maschinen nicht zum finanziellen Risiko.

Ob durch fehlerhafte Produkte, im Rahmen von Rückrufkosten, durch Unfälle im Betrieb oder Beeinträchtigungen der Umwelt – die Schadenersatzansprüche Dritter können vielfältig sein. Die Multiline-Deckung greift auch bei der Haftpflicht mit einer individuellen Versicherungslösung.

Gütertransporte auf Straße und Schiene sowie in Form von Fracht- oder Luftschifffahrt sind seit jeher ein essenzieller Teil des weltweiten Wirtschaftsverkehrs. Ohne hohen administrativen Aufwand schützt die umfassende Police vor allen relevanten Risiken im Transportbereich.

This way companies have less administration to deal with, while the cover can still be adpated to the individual requirements of each client.

Insurance with just that little bit extra

The founders of the Miniatur Wunderland know to appreciate this flexibility – as Funk expert Jörg Granitzki negotiated cover on the insurance market with a little bit extra for the Hamburg attraction. If there is a business interruption due to fire damage, for example, the Miniatur Wunderland has an unusually long indemnity period of 60 months. For the duration of this period, salaries, running costs and lost profits are borne by the insurer up to a specific maximum amount. Frederik Braun says: ‘The length of the indemnity period is essential because a fire would not result in just simple material damage for us. We would need to plan for several years of work and high costs in order to rebuild – not just because of the degree of detail involved, but also because our building in the Speicherstadt district is listed.’

Working together for 10 years thus far (from left to right): client advisor Jörg Granitzki and Gerrit and Frederik Braun, founders of the Miniatur Wunderland.


Monitoring the electrical lighting and power systems also requires special care. Insurers, authorities and assessors are regular visitors to the site, inspecting the complex technical equipment to ensure that strict regulations are followed. Jörg Granitzki from Funk is personally on hand to coordinate the different interests of the parties, as comprehensive consultancy is part of the services provided by the Funk Comfort Policy. But Frederik and Gerrit Braun did not choose Funk directly because of their customer advisor, but because of their friendship with Alexander Funk, a member of the company’s founding family and of the Management Board. It truly is a small world after all – even outside of the Miniatur Wunderland.



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