Employee benefits

Getting pension planning right

The Heubeck mortality tables have been updated in summer 2018. It is expected that companies will have to take these changes into account when they prepare for their next balance sheets. more

In line with the times

Legislative changes and new provisions are changing the landscape for regulations concerning the workplace pension. That’s why it is all the more important for pension schemes to undergo regular reviews. more

Changes with implications for companies

The expansion of the workplace pension is a central area of focus in German politics. They aim is to increase pension security and raise the pension level. more

It can be simple, too

It can be complicated, tedious and not very transparent – the company pension scheme has a lot of obstacles to overcome. Companies can clear the way with digital solutions. more

A promise is a promise

The legally guaranteed interest rate for conventional pension products has been dropping since the 1990s. How does this affect company pensions? more

Flexibility for Generation Y

Young, well-trained employees are very much sought-after. These days they know that they have their choice when it comes to which companies they want to work for. Funk shows which criteria are considered most important for Generation Y. more

Setting up a global company pension plan

Medium-sized companies in Germany are at home around the world, with employees working all over the globe. This poses several challenges for human resources management. An overview is provided here. more