Hendrik F. Löffler

Hendrik F. Löffler is a Managing Partner of the Funk Group, Managing Director of Funk Versicherungsmakler GmbH and Funk Consulting GmbH as well as Chairman of the Board of the Funk Foundation. He is in charge of the international dimension of Funk, risk consulting and business development and responsible for Funk’s internal strategy process.

Hendrik F. Löffler was born in Stuttgart in 1973 and acquired a degree in business administration at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. He worked as an acquisition specialist and key account manager for an Anglo-American industrial insurance broker in Stuttgart and Munich from 1995, before moving to Hamburg and joining Funk as Head of Risk Management Consulting in September 2002. He began managing Funk Consulting in 2008. In 2017 Hendrik F. Löffler was appointed to the Management Board of the Funk Group. He joined the group of shareholders and the Board of Directors of the Funk Group and Funk Versicherungsmakler GmbH in 2021.