Dr. Anja Funk-Münchmeyer

Dr Anja Funk-Münchmeyer is a Managing Partner of the Funk Group and Managing Director of Funk Versicherungsmakler GmbH. She is in charge of Corporate Communications, Digital and Organisational Development with the Funk Academy, process and quality management, project and change management, and the Funk innovation network.

Dr Anja Funk-Münchmeyer was born in Hamburg in 1970. She is a fully qualified lawyer and joined the company in 1998 after receiving her doctorate from Hamburg University and living abroad in Paris and London. She was an in-house lawyer at Funk, as well as working in various expert departments and at different Funk offices in the fields of client support and acquisition. As a member of the fifth generation of the founding family and a Funk shareholder, she assumed responsibility for Corporate Communications in 2012. She became a Member of the Management Board of the Funk Group in 2016 and joined the Board of Directors of the Funk Group and Funk Versicherungsmakler GmbH in 2021.