Working together towards the continued success of Funk, a family-run company

Funk’s history as a family-run company is closely linked with the straightforwardness and integrity of its owners and their entrepreneurial desire for independence. That’s why we strive to maintain Funk as a family-run company and continue to develop it along these lines. Motivated, capable members of all of our owner families are able as directors or shareholders to make guiding Funk’s expertise their life’s work even in the coming generation.

Even if the majority of Funk’s shares are held by members of the Funk family, we traditionally do follow the principle of inviting other entrepreneurial individuals to join the Management Board and also become partners, when they make outstanding contributions to the maintenance and well-being of the family-run company.

Funk is in its fifth generation and can look back on over 140 years of success. With a view to the continuity of the company, organic growth has always been a focus of the company strategy.

Funk’s shareholders therefore see themselves as guarantors for the stability of the company – for our clients, with whom we cultivate cooperative partnerships, and likewise for our employees. Long-term strategies and early planning of development steps maintain clarity and strength in the company’s development even during transition periods, and we follow the principle of unanimity for important decisions.

Funk is a value-oriented family-run company. The embodiment of these values and Funk’s established corporate culture begin with the partners and are passed on to the entire company through the management team.

Assuring principles and making unanimous decisions to maintain Funk as a family-run company in the long term and work together towards its continued success – our shareholders: (from left to right) Alexander Funk | Robert Funk | Ralf Becker | Hendrik F. Löffler | Bernhard C. Schwanke | Dr. Anja Funk-Münchmeyer | Christoph Bülk | Yorck Hillegaart