Insurance management success factor: protecting your operational risks

Whether industry, trade or business, every economic sector has its own dynamics and specific risks: In every industry entrepreneurial decisions go hand in hand with complex risk situations.

To secure the economic success and long-term survival of your company, it is important to recognise potential risks and take measures to create an optimal protection strategy for your company.


Funk – your specialist for devising individual insurance strategies

With years of cross-discipline experience and a precise overview of the insurance market as it currently stands at any given time, we have been supporting companies for years in all matters concerning risk and insurance management. Our team of experts comprises insurance brokers , lawyers, engineers, economists, IT specialists, mathematicians, fire protection experts, consultants and art historians, who know the requirements of their industry exactly and can meet the individual needs and desires of your company. With the full transparency of the insurance market, we can offer you the right insurance product, tailored to your individual risk situation. The Funk experts can advise you on insurance management in all operational risk fields.

Every company has certain associated risks. Those that are the most difficult to calculate are unforeseen damage to company buildings, production facilities, machines or inventory, for example because of fire, storms, flooding, break-ins or theft. Property insurance is therefore a basic insurance cover for companies – but the corresponding agreement and cover should be specifically targeted towards the insured interest or risk of the client ... more

The potential liability of companies varies depending on the industry, clientèle or even export activities. Chemical or pharmaceutical companies are naturally exposed to different risks than machine and plant manufacturers, which in turn have a liability risk that only compares to that of a construction company to a limited extent. Nevertheless, the essential importance of liability insurance is something that all companies have in common: even small mistakes can lead to severe losses ... more

An accident happens quickly – be it because of carelessness, an act of God or malicious mischief by a third party. Statutory accident insurance will cover accidents that occur whilst at work or on the way to and from work. But the insurance cover is usually insufficient and does not offer any protection for accidents that occur to employees during their free time ... more

Regardless of their industry or size, every company faces a range of substantial financial loss risks. Reliable protection against these risks must take both the specific needs of a company and the entire range of products and services on the insurance market into account. With its Professional Risks team, Funk offers competent advice and support especially for the liability requirements of companies ... more

Many industrial sectors depend on the operation of complex technical equipment or machinery. This equipment and machinery are usually associated with enormous investments and must be insured appropriately according to the potential risks they pose. This includes protection against property damage as well as the resulting business interruption losses... more

Goods transports on the road and train, as freight by air and sea, have always been an essential part of global economic trade. Transport routes are becoming longer, transport chains more complex and the risks to good transports ever more complicated in the course of globalisation and international economic development... more


Having a fleet of vehicles ready for use is a decisive success factor for many companies. The risks that are associated with the procurement and operation of company vehicles vary according to the industry, company structure and size of the fleet. Commercial vehicle insurance should therefore always be tailored to suit each company individually ... more

The market for protection against credit risks is as versatile as it is non-transparent. Funk creates an overview of the insurance market for you, assesses your specific needs and provides competent support in devising an individual insurance solution just for you  ... more