Intelligent risk prevention with Funk Beyond Insurance

Sensors, artificial intelligence and other modern technologies can be used for loss prevention. Funk works with cooperative partners in this area and now provides a new service at the interface between risk and insurance management.


Technical innovations in the context of digitisation bring with them new options and opportunities. Funk Beyond Insurance was developed with this in mind – a service that is focused on intelligent risk prevention. 

With Funk Beyond Insurance, Funk works with start-ups and established companies. This new service is currently being implemented in the form of different pilot projects. Hendrik Löffler, Member of the Management Board, describes the added value for clients: ‘Funk Beyond Insurance offers the option of preventing losses as well as optimising maintenance, quality and energy processes. When applied consistently, the new technology can help reduce the many potential basic losses.’

In the process, technologies such as artificial intelligence and sensors are used for forward-thinking loss prevention. Information about machines, systems or buildings is calculated and collected for the purpose of identifying vulnerabilities ahead of time.


Funk Beyond Insurance at a glance:

  • New and modern technologies for risk prevention
  • Risk prevention using artificial intelligence, camera technology and sensors, among other things
  • Data collection and analysis to identify anomalies
  • Loss prevention before it occurs
  • Side benefit: reduced costs and increased efficiency

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