For more than 135 years we have helped companies protect themselves against their specific risks. Today we not only rely on experience gained over five generations, but also on our firmly rooted expert knowledge in almost all industries and economic sectors. Our experts know what’s important for your industry – and they also want to know exactly your objectives and expectations for your company. We provide personal support and always keep an eye out for holistic solutions that protect your company values and allow for sustainable growth


Regardless of whether they are a small family-run company, a branch, established retailer or international wholesaler, and regardless of their business strategy and commercial success, all companies involved in trade are exposed to certain risks more

Service providers

All consultancy firms, whether they operate in finance, law or in creative fields, are concerned with protecting themselves in the event of professional errors more

Real estate

The real estate sector is extremely dynamic and has a range of facets. Tailored solutions for protection and process optimisation therefore depend on the company format and a company’s specific needs more

Art / event management

Professional engagement with art and culture requires passion, a dynamic approach and well-founded expert knowledge more

Health and social services

Risk and insurance management are naturally closely linked in the healthcare industry more

Independent professions

Members of independent professions are highly qualified specialists whose everyday work is shaped by complex matters more


Cooperation and mutual exchange play a decisive role in commercial success more

Local authorities

When calling for tenders for their insurance agreements, public procurement bodies must, on the one hand, observe the special provisions of European public procurement law more