Medium-sized businesses

Terror risks

05.02.2018 - Acts of terror and politically motivated violence are increasing worldwide. What do German companies need to keep in mind to protect themselves? more

Small and medium-sized business left high and dry?

14.09.2016 - Digitisation is changing markets, processes and working methods around the world. But the same thing that makes data transfer fast and communication easy and convenient also opens the door for abuse more

Big data - big opportunities

25.08.2015 - The subject of big data has been ubiquitous for several years. When it comes to risk and insurance management for medium-sized companies, evaluating large amount of data brings lots of opportunity more

Risk management in small and medium-sized businesses

15.10.2015 - It is often assumed that professional risk management is only really important for large companies. But while structured risk management mechanisms have always been more prevalent in practice in large companies, they are just as important for medium-sized companies more