The values, the essence of Funk

For more than 135 years, we’ve given companies and decision-makers around the world the best recommendation when it comes to security and pensions. Even with very different markets today and more diverse risks and requirements for companies, it is still our stated aim to identify the values of our clients, understand them as best as possible and assure them perfectly for the future. It is perhaps precisely this aim that makes us not only Germany’s largest independent family-run insurance broker, but also the best recommendation when it comes to tailored insurance, pension and risk solutions.

The experience and knowledge we’ve gained from 135 years of company history simply cannot fit in one briefcase – and yet Leberecht Funk’s briefcase is the embodiment of all of our values as a strong basis for dynamic thought and action more

Our culture is the soul of our company. Independence, continuity and accountability shape our interactions with each other and our entrepreneurial decisions more

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Dr. Anja Funk-Münchmeyer

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