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Employee benefits

Getting pension planning right

08.08.2018 - The Heubeck mortality tables have just been updated. It is expected that companies will have to take these changes into account when they prepare for their next balance sheets more

Insurance management

Navigating a PR crisis

11.07.2018 - A bad image can be expensive. Values such as reliability, responsibility and trust are therefore particularly worthy of protection for companies more


Funded by the Funk Foundation

13.07.2018 - The Funk Foundation is supporting the development of risk reports. Now reports on Poland, Mexico, Iran, South Africa, Belarus and Vietnam are available more

Risk management

Tariffs, subventions, taxes

12.07.2018 - Trade policy measures like tariffs, subventions or taxes affect flows of goods. The consequences can be risky for companies more


A thoughtful and correct approach

06.07.2018 - Actuarial assessments are essential for a company’s balance information. Funk provides tailored actuarial services worldwide more

Medium-sized businesses

Terror risks

05.02.2018 - Acts of terror and politically motivated violence are increasing worldwide. What do German companies need to keep in mind to protect themselves? more