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Insurance management

Cyber insurance

03.05.2017 - Cyber insurance policies have recently been experiencing a major boom. What characterises this form of cover? more

Employee benefits

It can be simple, too

04.01.2017 - It can be complicated, tedious and not very transparent – the company pension scheme has a lot of obstacles to overcome. Companies can clear the way with digital solutions more

Risk management

Come out of isolation

24.03.2017 - Pretty much every company faces disruptions to their supply chain. Cooperative risk management can help, according to an ongoing study conducted by Jacobs University Bremen with the support of the Funk Foundation more


Credit insurance

02.11.2016 - International coordination of credit insurance cover has gained enormous importance. The reason for this is primarily that flows of goods are being increasingly globalised more

Medium-sized businesses

Medium-sized business running dry?

14.09.2016 - Digitisation is changing markets, processes and working methods around the world. But the same thing that makes data transfer fast and communication easy and convenient also opens the door for abuse more


Current study on risk management

06.05.2016 - In a study, Funk Switzerland explored how Swiss companies handle risk management. The result: apparently many companies have not yet come to the point of implementing professional risk management more